Laws, Rules & Regulations 

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Laws, Rules and Regulations
Rules for Act 593 of 1979 and Act 244 of 1997 (Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-27-101 et seq)
  Rules and Regulations approved by the Legislature October 4, 2011
Act 593 of 1979 (Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-27-101 et seq)
  Primary law regulating Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Marriage and Family Therapy in Arkansas
Act 244 of 1997
  1997 amendment to the 1979 Counseling Act, adding Marriage and Family Therapy
Act 753 of 2003 
Act 1317 of 1997 (Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-27-309 et seq)
  Board rules implementing the requirement for criminal background checks
Act 1317 of 1997
  Law requiring criminal background checks for applicants for professional licensure
Act 870 of 2003
  Amendment describing the process of appointing Board Members
Proposed New Rules